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Beginning of a beautiful spring and a hopeful year.
We are so close to reaching $5,000! yay!
Just shows how you can save money when you stop spending it on medical bills and treatments that may or may not work.

The sun is out and its supposed to be a warmer weekend. Hopefully we can break the rollerblades out and take the pups for a skate.

Today i visited my friend at the hospital, she just had her second boy. It was a hard experience for me since i haven’t ever been to see someone who just gave birth and then to actually hold a newborn! but I had to do it, i had to overcome this hurdle in my mind. I have built it up so high that maternity wards scare me and I actually survived.
He was a cute little baby and didn’t fuss, he had a beautiful crocheted blanket wrapped around him (hmm i wonder where he got that;)..

Some day…it’s always some day

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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