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People ask what?

People ask what?

The number 1 question everyone asks me is
How long of a wait is it?

On average thru Adoption Associates its a 12-18 month wait for domestic adoption.
A lot of factors can effect this wait time. Such as, a birth mother picks you right away and all of a sudden you are scrambling to get ready. Or you can wait past 18 months and begin to get discouraged since it seems no one likes your profile. These are two extremes but we hope we will fall nicely in the middle and wait just long enough to raise the money, go thru the psychological preparations for a child, and then get ‘the call’.

As for International adoption I know China can take past 5 years for a healthy child, however, if you are open to Special Needs/minor medical conditions, then the wait is much faster. Their is a great need for families open to take on this responsibility. A great resource for International adoption is Holt International. http://www.holtinternational.org/hifamilies/
They have great Webinairs you can sit in on to learn the basics. I believe D.A. Blodgett works with them.

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