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Stamp of approval.. certified Awesome?

Stamp of approval.. certified Awesome?

The question I get a lot is ‘where are you in the process’.

Good thing I kept a personal blog back when we started all of this, so now I have a real date to put to the journey, it was November 6, 2010 when we decided to look for an agency and get our feet wet in adoption. There wasn’t a Big Sign or an Epiphany that said ‘let’s adopt’…that took years of back and forth decision making and working thru what we thought a family was.

Then came the home study. Which IS as nerve racking as most people make it out to be. Several meetings followed where you marriage, home, extended family, childhood, education are all scrutinized. Letters of recommendation are provided from friends, family, employers (yes my wonderful supervisor even had to say I was certifiable). To anyone looking for marriage counseling, try a home study, it’s quite therapeutic and eye opening, it’s like falling in love with your husband all over again.

On February 4, 2011 we got the true STAMP OF APPROVAL from the State of Michigan when the final background check cleared (which took longer than usual because someone in Michigan thought it was OK to take a vacation on our paperwork). The email from my caseworker even said ‘certified’. That’s awesome!

……….and now I literally have a 10-15 page document with signatures on it that tells the story of who we are, what’s going on in our heads, and why the agency says we could be good parents.

3 months and 7 days later we wait for ‘the call’ cue dramatic music

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