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Caution..handle with care

Caution..handle with care

Myth 1: the Birthmothers obviously doesn’t care about her child or she wouldn’t have given him away.
Myth 2: secrecy in every phase of the adoption process is necessary to protect all parties
Myth 3: both the Birthmothers and fathers will forget about their unwanted child
Myth 4: adopt and then you’ll get pregnant

Myth 1 FALSE. the Birthmothers wanted what she couldn’t provide at the time-love, care, and security from two parents in a normal home situation is just one example.

Myth 2 False. Openness in a adoption is both healthy and healing for everyone involved. It’s easy to just take the role of parent and forget the Birthmothers but lifting the secrecy and being open with your child is a very positive experience. Exchange of letters and photos thru ought the years is therapeutic and far different from previously popular closed adoptions.

Myth 3 False. They will never forget their child. They will always be a part of the child’s life and it shouldn’t be feared or denied. It was love that brought the baby to life and love will always be shared by everyone in the adoption triad.

Myth 4 False. The only reason why this myth continues on is because these are the only stories you hear about. No one likes to spread the stories about how someone adopted and then it didn’t happen, it doesn’t give that “miracle” effect.

If you adopt you have to do it for the right reasons and not what others say.

Let’s be honest…I used to think some myths were true.
To create change one first has to be open to learn.

For more insight check out thus book: (have tissues handy)
Dear Birthmothers by Kathleen silber & phylis speedlin

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