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the longest wait of our lives

the longest wait of our lives

i have realized that waiting is harder than you can ever imagine. Waiting for a sure thing is something different than this, we are waiting for a ‘kinda sure thing’, the timeline is open for variation, the end result can come with ease or with lots of trials.
I saw a pregnant lady today at the video store and thought ah how lucky she is, then i saw her in her car lighting up a cigarette. My thought of her turned to anger as I couldn’t believe how little she cared for the life growing inside her.
Things like this can spiral your emotions in a instant to negative thoughts. what if our birthmother never shows up because we were too strict in our health choices, what if it takes years and years before the right birthmother chooses us that has not smoked or drank during her pregnancy.
If anyone has adopted that went thru this same anguish…..their has to be hope out there right?
It’s a long journey with lots of unknowns, little control over anything, and once again we are powerless in building a family.
All we can do is wait, save money, slowly bring the nursery together, and hope we meet an amazing birthmother that loves her child so much that she chose life and chose us to be the parents.

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