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the hardest choices don’t come easy

the hardest choices don’t come easy

we all have choices to make and they all have consequences.
Some are harder than others, yesterday I met two strong birthmothers that made the ultimate decision that would forever change there lives.
Our agency uses the term ‘woman in crisis’, now I never quite understood that phrase very well. Until last night when i heard stories of crisis and the choices made to get thru it.

One woman contacted the agency very early on and knew adoption was the right choice for her, she laid out a pros and cons list and prayed hard about what to do. People around her gave her advice and some suggested just get an abortion or tough it out. She had 4 kids, was a single mom, and was struggling, it wasn’t fair to the unborn baby to be born into such a situation. She doesn’t regret her decision and she was happy for her child who had 2 loving parents. Since it was a semi-open adoption she kept in contact and some day if the child wants to meet her he can.

The second woman was drastically different. It wasn’t until the last month before she contacted the agency when a private adoption fell thru. It was a whirlwind of emotions but thru it all she knew this was the right decision and regrets nothing. She chose a family that had no children so that her daughter would be the center of the universe. At that time she couldn’t provide all that was needed and selflessly choice life thru adoption.

Until you can hear these stories in person it can’t quite have the full effect. Tears were shared and even some laughter. Both sides thought the others were so gracious and giving. Adoptive parents are so grateful for this gift of life and the birthmothers are so grateful they opened there arms to a child that had no voice. There is a common bond in adoption, crisis.

We all have choices in life, adoption isn’t easy on either side, being able to look thru a birthmother’s eyes is awakening.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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