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Adoption Profile shown at last

Adoption Profile shown at last

What to do when given the news that your profile was shown twice in July.

Option 1: Be happy and excited that the agency is showing our profile to birthmothers

Option 2: Take it as a sign of progress and that more birthmothers are coming to the agency

Option 3: Our limitations on what we checked on our Level of Openness form, the type of drug use isn’t holding us back from having our Profile shown.

Option 4: Two birthmothers didn’t like our profile and so we aren’t good enough to be parents.

Well the obvious answer would be option 1-3. But there is that nagging option 4 that pulls at my pessimistic side. I’m screaming ‘Pick us’!!!!
It’s ok..more time to save money and be prepared for ‘the call’.

We still need help fundraising, visit our site or pass it along.

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Healing Eyes

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