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Out and bout in Canada eh!

Out and bout in Canada eh!

A fat little pug dog walking down the sidewalk seemingly all alone. His leash dragging under him, he walks around the grating on the sidewalks, dodges people and bounces around his merry way. He stops in front of a window display with Christmas decorations to enjoy the show.. I think he is following a lady with packages but it’s hard to tell. What a cute Canadian pup !

A loud man yells profanity against the machine, a religious man screams at people walking by, a bum curls up in a sleeping bag over a vent on the sidewalk, huge crowds of people stare at the shiny polar bears. Miko and yoshi wander the streets of toronto and take it all in. Yoshi learns to hop the grates and miko refuses to touch manholes. Every corner has new surprises and smells. They are stumpy and quickly dodge people, lick people, and blend in well as city pups. Miko speaks up against those luggage wheelies…how dare they make noise in front of her.
The turnstile in the lobby was scarey at first but miko got the hang of it.
The best part was that dogs were allowed in the shopping center … I thought for sure someone one would kick us out, it’s always NO dogs allowed. Furry kids or not you don’t belong.
We finally belonged and could do a family vacation with the pups…Toronto is pretty cool!

Bringing the kids places was stressful, I can’t imagine how it may be with a non-fuzzy kid but as of now the fuzzy will do.

Love you miko and yoshi our little city dogs…


Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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