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Can you imagine waiting for something that may never come?
Can you imagine someone else in control of your dreams?

We can!

Our caseworker says after a year in many couples feel more hopeful. I snickered to myself, how silly that sounded. More like after a year many couples feel beat up, defeated, drained, and unmotivated. But somehow I don’t think a caseworker would say that. Not when they want couples to think there is hope and to hang on longer and longer, waiting and waiting.

We’ll see is all I could say. We’ll see if we can allow ourselves to be hopeful..

To anyone waiting to adopt I say hang in there! We are! We’ve made it many many many years hanging in there, what’s another year of holding our breaths!

Can you imagine making the decision to let go of a dream?

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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