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Year One check

Year One check

Almost 12 months this Feb 4th.

uggg what a crappy milestone.  But our caseworker will say now you have more  hope because you put the initial 12 months in. Tell that to my nerves and ever fading hopes of having a family. Our homestudy should be renewed by now, all the paperwork has made its way back to the office. Now its just another renewal fee and we can check that off our to do list.

We are closer to our first goal financially at least, then it will be on to raising the second half we will need for all the extra fees that come along.

How does any adopting hopefuls ever stay positive thru all of this?!

thinking of ending this blog…..

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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Joni VanRheePosted on  9:24 pm - Feb 1, 2012

Writing and recording this journey, if only in a personal journal, is a good idea. It should prove therapeutic and great for reflection when God does reveal His plan (and He will!). I selfishly hope you continue the blog however as I feel in some small way part of your journey. 🙂 Joni

No`ono`o PonoPosted on  4:49 am - May 19, 2013

May 19, 2013 .. so glad you didn’t end it..
but hope soon it slows due you and Andy too busy enjoying Life to blog..
Paha na Iēhowa `oe e ho`omaika`i mai, ā e mālama `oe palekana.
May the Lord Bless You and Keep You Safe

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