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cancer sucks

cancer sucks

As with everything in our Life we are now turned down a path we did not choose. We had hoped for a ‘normal’ family..We had hoped for ‘family thru adoption’…We now are on the path of healing.

Cancer has unexpectedly knocked on our door and ripped us to pieces. Now once again we must pick up the pieces of our very public lives and beat cancer.  It’s true I guess that some couples are forced to take the path less traveled…I say that path isn’t really that pretty and totally overrated.

As we have many people wanting to know updates and show support and concern for Andy I am going to just do updates here so that i can retain some ‘normal’ in my life and not have a nervous breakdown.

Andy has stomach cancer…its not pretty..its not early stage..and its potentially curable…
We are in the doctors hands right now. Chemo started today and will continue for the next 9 weeks. Then we hope and pray and beg for the tumor to have shrunk.

then we get the final news about what is to become of the stomach.. I wont go there now because somethings need to be taken with small bites.

Then we do more chemo.

That is the suggested plan for us and that is what we are stuck with..for better or for worse we will get thru this because that’s just what Andy and I do. We survive.

What we need now is prayer, the knowledge that if we call in need of help that someone will pick up. So far we have received so much encouragement and help, and its been great.

Luckily as I write this I am doped up on some numbing meds that will keep me sane ..

I dont like long blogs…so i will end it here.. and on this note.. “our kitchen countertop showed up today at least”

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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Ellen ChenPosted on  9:59 pm - Aug 31, 2012

Hi Sarah, you have a very moving blog that touches my heart. How you feel now is as normal as anyone hit by the news of cancer. This less traveled path is dark indeed, but keep looking up the blue sky and try to hear that distant sound of flowing water of life and follow it. It will lead you out of this dark path. “In darkness, your eyes begin to see (higher power)” by Joseph Campbell. From your caring co-worker, Ellen

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