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Passing time

Passing time

Went kitchen tile shopping…check.
Bought penguin air humidifier…check.
Bought queen mattress finally…check.
Bought huge bottle of hand sanitizer…check.
Took plenty of calming meds…check.
Andy still breathing…check.

Phew seems another day almost past without melting down. So yes it is possible to have a day go by without the ground crumbling.

Now I just need lots of yarn…a mountain of yarn to get lost in…. Let the cancer hat assembly line begin. Goal, to have 1 hat to bring each time we visit the cancer center…maybe that can cheer up others going thru the same misery as us.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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RebeccaPosted on  3:24 am - Sep 8, 2012

You both are constantly on my mind, please know you are in our prayers every single day. God bless both of you!!!

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