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I love nerds

I love nerds

Last Friday was a great day! Took Andy to his work so he could talk to people and take care of business since his mysterious absence.

The instant we walk thru the doors the librarians spot him! Andy runs away and little Sarah is hit by the swarm. I have heard of the librarians but never experienced it first hand.
I was able to bring calm and answer all of their questions. Assure them that Andy is shy (as they knew already they say) and just wants to work. That yes he has cancer and it ain’t pretty but I got his back. What sweet caring ladies though…nice to see Andy has support.

I then retreat into the IS department for safety.

Now I love nerds! The only time cancer comes us is in jokes and we all laugh and then turn back to complaining about servers and computers being stupid. Tucked away in the black hole of computer equipment we chilled and had the guys come to us. Andy was pumped on adrenaline and smiled so much, it was a delicious break. Because we then went to one of peters food dives that served breakfast and romance novels lol. I guess they are known for there egg sandwiches, greasy little things but Andy scarfed them down. I am more of a French toast gal.

Ahh good times in Kalamazoo.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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