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Ouch that needle hurt

Ouch that needle hurt

So I guess numbing spray helps make needle not hurt…hmmm.that makes sense.
Too bad nurse forgot until after sticking the needle in Phillip la port on Andy’s chest. Ouwie! I cringed!
Second visit went ok…the pump is full again and irritating as always.

Got a nice gift from my coworkers today…the chocolate was my favorite I dare say:) ok maybe the gift card to Meijer was cooler…toss up. But it could buy more chocolate!

My dad is sick now though… Bronchitis something…soo now I can’t see them for awhile. Oh well , I am super woman and can do anything if I set my mind to it.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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RebeccaPosted on  1:59 am - Sep 14, 2012

🙂 Thinking of you guys!!

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