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chemo cycle 2

chemo cycle 2

and so the saga continues…

we wake up and cuss to ourselves that its chemo day..pack the backpack full of snacks and toys to occupy the day with…and hop in the mini. Fact: mini has small trunk and large bouncy blue ball takes up half of it, oh miko.

I will say this about the cancer center at Metro, its peaceful and quiet. If a restful atmosphere truly does help with healing than we may just have a chance at surviving this.

We lucked out and got the corner station this time, so it was more private and i had a little table for my laptop.

Andy hasn’t lost more weight. that’s right, Sarah’s smoothies are working!

A friend brought us thai food..so that was nice:)

We got home and zonked out on the bed (which is in the living room now).. then the phone rang and food was on its way, yay to Mary Beth and her always amazing full course meals.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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dreyzePosted on  3:07 am - Sep 21, 2012

Best wishes, guys.

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