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can you just imagine

can you just imagine

Close your eyes…breathe in…fill your lungs up and then exhale.
Now open your eyes and smile because you are alive.

Every day that passes is another day of breath..
Don’t take for granted being healthy..
Don’t take for granted seeing your loved ones healthy.

With every step into a cancer center it hits us like a concrete wall that a lot of people are sick, the larger facilities have so many patients waiting around. Waiting for what? to know that they can live or to know that they have only so much time…

Imagine being told your life will never be same and that we hope Chemo works, that it contains the cancer cells, that we can remove the stomach, and you will live a full life. Now imagine its YOU being told this or that you are sitting next to your husband, as the full force of what is to come, HITS you. The room spins and you cling to anything, to anything that sounds positive…. Breathe….

tomorrow is another day…another day of trying to wake up and LIVE

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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RebeccaPosted on  3:10 am - Sep 27, 2012

Every second is a gift, and it’s true we take so much for granted….<3

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