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IT Crowd

IT Crowd

IT Guys

It was great seeing all the IT Guys and everyone Andy Works with
@Kalamazoo College. Andy can’t wait to get back to work!!
(seriously, he has ants in his pants to get back to work)

Jaakan: yes Indiana Jones is an AWESOME movie!
Peter: your phone is cool too
Blurry guy with glasses: your identity is safe
Cooper: sorry my phone cropped you out

Chemo is over (for now) and andy is Free to do whatever he wants! November 26th is the surgery date at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, anyone is welcome to come say hi while he’s in the hospital or to sneak smoothie mixes into his feeding tube;)

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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Russell CooperPosted on  2:13 pm - Nov 27, 2012

Eh, don’t worry about the phone. Thinking about you and Stac-a-lac.

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