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Dog discrimination

Dog discrimination

Today we bit the bullet, swallowed our pride, took a chance, and went to see what Gilda’s club was all about.
It’s a cancer support center in Grand Rapids that has activities, support groups, and free food.
It was a cute old farmhouse not far from our place. Everything is provided thru donations and let me say, what a fancy place it is. Jealous of the cozy couches and little private rooms spread thruought the house.
We sat in a circle and andy got to share his story up to the point before the dreaded surgery yet to come.
All and all it was a good decision to go and I think we will go back. I mean free food is always a plus and being around other people who understand what cancer does to your life is supportive.
We may be young compared to others going there but maybe we can blend in a bit more than we do in the outside world these days.

If only dogs were allowed!

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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