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We learned today…

We learned today…

They r unsure if tumor shrunk because ct scan doesn’t tell us what is dead and what is alive cells. But the pet scan wasn’t covered by insurance so we didn’t have that scan done. Either way the ct scan does say the tumor didn’t grow or move to other organs. And so we still are removing stomach. Basically we don’t know for sure how helpful chemo was until they take stuff out.

He gets his own room and its on 4th floor of lacks cancer center.
The surgery is about 6 hours long.
Limited visitors on Monday because of how hectic that day will be.
I should be able to bring the dogs to visit him too later in week:)
I learned I can pour Gatorade into his feeding tube and I will be taught how to clean it.

Tiring day and I guess that’s it:)

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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