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Clear margins

Clear margins

Dr McCahill came out an hour ago and said he was able to cut clear margins!
To those who have no idea what that means…it means he was able to cut far enough to get all the cancer he saw. The lymph nodes are out and will be biopsied and in 5 days we should know more about the stage of cancer.
So what’s next…
Well another 2 hours of surgery with the thoracic surgeon who loves cracking chests open. Yup we fell on the bad side of 50/50 chance of invasive measures. In order to make a secure connection the chest has to be opened so that they can sew the connection up perfectly. Soo that’s good because any leak would be very very bad.

Stomach removal lesson number 1: you must have a leak proof connection.
Lesson number 2: stupid ribs get in the way of making a perfect connection.
Lesson number 3: trust your surgeon and like your surgeons jokes

So 5am we got here and 5:30pm I still sit waiting.


He’s strong and I’m told that I’m strong…so that means its all good

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