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One small sit

One small sit

Andy just got out if bed and sat in a chair! That may seem minor but its a big step forward to healing.
Even with a tube jabbed in his ribs, several incisions in his belly, and minus 1 stomach he fought thru the pain and sat in a chair.
Go andy go!!

Another tiring day almost over, still in intensive care, but soon to move to lacks center tmrw I hope.
Although I hope I get a couch there too.

My coworkers gave me a care basket that has lots of goodies..I just need to sneak that food when andy isn’t looking.

Thanks everyone…but Sarah tired now and needs a break before andy realizes I am still here

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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Greg DimentPosted on  1:09 pm - Nov 28, 2012

We are thinking of you both and sending healing thoughts.

Mary JanePosted on  7:16 pm - Nov 28, 2012

Andy, All of Dow is in your cheering section… Lots of good Karma headed your way. We would love to send flowers but imagine they would not make it into your room yet…

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