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Small room

Small room

We are now at lacks cancer center. Fourth floor room 22.
He has sat up..walked to the door and back and is resting now.

If anyone wants to send flowers or balloons that’s ok. I think someone tried yesterday but we never saw them so I hope they didn’t get lost in transit.

Andy isn’t allowed to drink or eat anything still and it will be a bit before he can so I try to not eat in front of him.

Thanks for continuing to think of us and pray for a steady recovery (speedy isn’t what andy needs now, it’s a different world without a stomach and we have to take it slow and peacefully)

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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BeccaPosted on  5:25 pm - Nov 30, 2012

God bless you both, you guys are in our thoughts and prayers constantly! May healing be steady, and your bodies find peace and comfort during this trial <3

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