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Poetic rambling

Poetic rambling

Learning to cope ..
Learning to be on your own when your loved one is ill..
Not everyone has to endure these learning opportunities.
Those that do either break or bend … I think me and andy are bending like those dandelion wisps in the wind. A gust comes along and bends the stem and pieces of you fly away, taken away to some far off land. But Perhaps those pieces can touch others in some way.

A passing word with someone in the elevator that is going thru there own cancer story.
Someone listening to me play music on the grand piano.
A receptionist who asks how you are knowing full well that you are struggling with a loved one who has cancer…but it’s ok because she understands and another piece of me flies away.
Seeing pain in others takes a piece away…

There is no answer for what is happening..there is no road map..we are just willows in the wind

We r alive. We r still in limbo. We will be ok

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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