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What’s new doc

What’s new doc

I am updated out but here goes

1. Nose tube out
2. Swallow test passed
3. No leaks
4. Feeding tube started yesterday, learned how to flush it today
5. Walked 3 laps without walker
6. Sat in chair
7. Talked to me more
8. Sense of humor returning
9. Chest tube might come out tomorrow
10. One day at a time

Thank you to my parents who are patient and keep in constant contact with me
Thank you to Andy’s friends who visit and make him smile
Thank you to my coworkers who make me eat lunches and dinner
Thank you Kalamazoo IT dept for the flowers and thank you president of the college for the orange roses which I assume are the college colors:)
Thank you sister Ann for the dog flower
Thank you Murray for watching my fuzzy pups
Thank you hope lodge for giving me a place to stay by the hospital

Cancer sucks … But hey there are baby grand pianos that I can play and I had forgotten how I do love playing music…I also think I am helping others by filling the healing garden with music (hopefully not too out of tune)

Thx andy for rescuing me from a life without you…I love u too much and I won’t let the nurses forget about you:)

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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