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Is there a fix

Is there a fix

If you broke your arm you go straight to the doctor and get a cast put on…some weeks later your arm is fixed.
If you catch a cold you take some pills and your fixed.
With asthma you take an inhaler every day and problem solved.
When your told that you are cancer free because they removed the tumor you don’t go home feeling better. Instead you leave with a numb feeling of uncertainty.
You are given a couple options of poison they will pump into your veins to kill any cancer left over but remember the doctor just said cancer free a moment before.
It’s a strange predicament .. She said to us we are now in the “survivor” club but still have more chemo to come. It’s saying hey you won but lost.
Now every day, month, and year we have cancer by our side and in our veins.

In a couple weeks the treatment will start and I will watch my andy suffer, but I won’t go anywhere because let’s face it I love him far too much. I would go thru the fire swamp and the snow sands day after day if it meant another moment at Andy’s side watching him breathe.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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exiledtykePosted on  12:58 am - Jan 12, 2013

The period when I found the chemo hardest to cope with was after I was told I was cancer free. Prior to being cancer free it seemed to make sense to poison myself a little more slowly than I was poisoning the lymphoma, but after the cancer is no more? Good luck with the treatment. It sounds as though your man has a powerful support act alongside him and believe me that makes a hell of a difference. I’d have struggled a lot more without my wife taking care of me.

    SarahAndyLivePosted on  1:23 am - Jan 12, 2013

    Thanks…it really is odd emotions right now. Starting another 3 cycles of chemo when the “tumor” is out. Not easier or less scarey. In someways scarier since its chemo for all the unknown cancer that could be hiding.

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