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“You mock my pain! Life is pain, anyone who says otherwise is obviously selling something!” William Goldman, the princess bride.

Anyone that says pain makes you stronger is grasping for words to lessen your pain. To lessen our pain would be to deprive us of life. To turn a phrase. Confused yet?

Close your eyes and then open them…what do you see? Well I keep hoping for a different view. We did that that 6 months ago and opened our eyes and wish granted…different view on life but still pain. What does this all mean …. I think it’s sinking in and the answer was there all along. Pain is inevitable no matter the dose.
Drink up sweet, sour pain.. Dink up that life! That moment of anything!

We are told how strong we are. I say no we are not strong..we just merely are living because we have no other choice.

Career change..I think I remember now why I enjoyed poetry so much. I think I’ll read again, muse again, write again.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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