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A plan..

A plan..

Breathe in …. and …. sigh
Being around people hurts
Its all a cruel game on trying to pretend that I’m ok

Ok that it’s another year passed by
Ok that we can’t have children
Ok that my true love hurts
Ok that I can’t make his pain go away
Ok that chemo starts soon

ok that I have three me’s fighting over me.
The first is the loving wife, to stay strong and never give in.
Second is the career woman, trying to keep the brain functioning while I feel powerless to move ahead.
The third one is my dark shadow, always there waiting to pounce on signs of weakness, every day it slithers out and drags me to the reality that cancer is hurting us.

It’s easy to Know what one should do to survive…putting it into action is a whole different challenge.
A wise man said to me, “You need a plan and follow it.”
That sounds simple…
1. Exercise
2. Eat
3. Make andy smile
4. Have quiet time to reflect or read
5. Know my limitations and seek people who care

I’ve done 2.5 of those things so far. Tomorrow who knows I might just succeed in four!

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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