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Two confirmed ways to relieve stress.
Bicycling and shooting guns.

Shooting guns is by far the most effective way to say, “screw you cancer and stress”! The first loud bang of a semi automatic hand gun being shot off near you sends adrenaline thru your body.
Then it’s your turn….deep breath…hold the gun in the right hand and grip it with your left, the fear of the kick back, fear of the spark…it all leads up to a rush of excitement and giddiness.
Bruised thumb and a little cut from the recoil…worth it.

It’s so true…until you go thru terrible shit in life you have know idea who will step up to help you. Most likely its someone you would never have dreamed of. take whatever opportunity you can to get thru the lows, even if it is only a brief break, to remember what happy times can be like. Everyone needs a reminder that your are allowed to smile…even if its thru the line of sight on a handgun.

Thanks don and Marybeth…that’s just what andy and I needed before starting chemo again…a nice shoot out followed by pleasant chat around the dinner table and free home cooked meal.



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Healing Eyes

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MarybethPosted on  2:50 am - Jan 16, 2013

Sarah and Andy, We had a “BLAST” with you tonight…pun intended. We shall have to think up more outrageous things to do to for fun!!!

No`ono`o PonoPosted on  4:24 am - May 19, 2013

another great release.. pick up some cheap glasses and china from Salvation Army.. then find a isolated concrete wall or big tree out in the country and start pitching.. from a safe distance..
Paha na Iēhowa `oe e ho`omaika`i mai, ā e mālama `oe palekana.
May the Lord Bless You and Keep You Safe

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