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Making time for what matters when life isn’t fair

Making time for what matters when life isn’t fair

With the lurking Chemo day less than a day a way we decided a mini adventure was in order to reclaim some of our life back from cancer. First snow of the season calls for First ski.

We knew this was our last chance this winter to get out on the fresh powder, yes it was around 12 degrees and it felt even colder on the chair lifts and our faces nearly froze off. But when you know tomorrow is First day of hardcore Chemo a hardcore solution is needed to survive.

We took a quick 2 hour drive on not the ‘best’ snow covered roads to arrive at Caberfae peaks. We got in quite a few runs too and there was barely anyone else on the hills (probably because only crazy people go skiing in freezing weather).

This was our first trip since Andy lost his stomach to cancer. It was a bit scarey to head out when you know every calorie counts and skiing probably eats up a lot, but I think a stronger heart is important too. I don’t know how Andy does it, staying so strong thru the pain, it must be because he loves me sooo much that he won’t ever give up. Thank you Andy for playing in the snow with me today, it really was like the ‘old’ days when we loved eachother hehe

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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No`ono`o PonoPosted on  4:17 am - May 19, 2013

So heartwarming seeing these photos of you two having a day of smiles.. Mahalo/thank You for sharing..
Paha na Iēhowa `oe e ho`omaika`i mai, ā e mālama `oe palekana.
May the Lord Bless You and Keep You Safe

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