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Chemo pains

Chemo pains

It’s 6:30 am and Andy is in agony.  It started last night. The chemo from Thursday is ripping his insides apart.
I can’t imagine how it feels but what I see hurts so much.
It is hard to do this to him again after he already suffered so much.
It’s seems like modern medicine is like midevil ages… When they purely guessed and put leaches and bled a sick person.

How can we have so much technology and education and advancement and yet still be stuck blindly guessing at an awful cancer. Seriously It’s 2013!!!!!! And we really have no firm understanding of gastric cancer?! Stop making new iphones and tablets and make better cures for cancer!

Why can’t the doctors have better humane methods than just pumping a bunch of poison in that doesn’t know the difference between good cells and bad!
This is hell and it’s only day 3 of nine weeks!

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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MarybethPosted on  2:08 pm - Jan 26, 2013

Oh Sarah I am so sorry that Andy has to endure such pain and trauma with his chemo. It sure doesn’t seem fair for sure. I’m sure that Andy so much appreciates your love and care for him during this nasty time of sickness. You are such a gift to your husband. Hang in there and send our best to Andy. Marybeth

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