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ER room

ER room

After an enjoyable morning with a friend I come back home to find andy in the same spot bent over in pain still. He can’t eat or drink from his chemo on Thursday.
He is getting worse…
So this leads us to a drive to the emergency room. On the drive over Andy is trying to vomit but he can’t because cancer took his fucking stomach out.
So just coughing and gagging. I try hard not to cry or scream while driving.

We arrive… We immediately are rushed to a room because of his condition and that he has no immune system from chemotherapy.

Now we wait after they gave him an iv (thru his handy dandy port) with pain and nausea meds. This knocks him out.
Great for him but I still have to wait.
So sleepy and getting hungry since I have now missed dinner. But I can’t complain because Andy hasn’t eaten either and he has no stomach… So… My issued are minimal in comparison.
This is just the beginning of round 2 so it won’t get better, this is our normal. Hospitals and doctors and nurses all asking the same thing over and over.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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NotDownOrOutPosted on  3:22 am - Feb 18, 2013

It’s not true that your needs are meaningless. You sound like such a nice person. I hope the chemo ends soon so that you and your husband can try for some healing.

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