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Post E.R. update

Post E.R. update

What’s there to say for an update….I am clueless.. Nothing much happens when you are on Chemo.

Andy got home from the ER the same night and we got his nausea under control, his pain under control, and we went to bed.

Next morning we woke up and Andy felt icky again (not as severe). This round of chemo is far far far worse than prior to surgery.
Why you may ask? “I don’t really know.” “Perhaps because he has no stomach?” … “maybe….”

All I know is that its a lonely path for a caregiver. He hurts and I hurt, he sleeps and I sleep, he wakes and I wake…you get the picture.

My Andy is in what I like to call ‘in-between’ life. He is not living and he is not dying, he is ‘in-betweening’. But he’ll come back, it just takes time and rest, and a whole lot of medications.



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