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Stardust in my eyes

Stardust in my eyes

We read princess bride as a bedtime story while andy recovered from surgery. It was always our favorite movie, our first movie when we met college.
“As you wish” the farm boy westley would say to buttercup, as you wish. We drew similarities between the story of true love to our love.

Now post surgery we are reading Stardust, which was made into another favorite movie.
A fallen star ends up in the land of faerie where she falls in love with a shop boy. In the book they discover there love entirely differently than in the movie. The star tells the man that a star and a mortal man can never have children. The star also is limping the entire time from a broken leg.
The significance of this coincidence is That when I first met andy I limped on a bad leg too but we didn’t know then that a Star and a man cant have a child.
Love can endure and grow thru unspeakable pain, even if we knew those 13 years ago that we would be denied that one thing … just out of reach….I still would have chosen my mortal man, and he would never let his star out of his sight.

Hang in there andy…it is so dark right now but I have a secret cure, I’ll just shine so brightly that you will be blinded by my stardust and not the pain..

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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