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Involuntary breathe

Involuntary breathe

Finding the will to go on is an elusive thing.
It’s something you can’t really find. It’s as if you are trying to find breathe but its just there.
Stand out in the winter cold and breathe out and you can see your breathe… You cant find what was always there inside.

Looking for the will to survive, be strong, live, isn’t anywhere to be found. It’s involuntary and always there even when you are drowning In tears and the fear of tomorrow. You just go on….
To tell someone to be strong is saying “be you”, as I can only be what I am with all of its limitations.

And so be ‘me’ is what andy will get. Even if its just me being in the house, going to doctor appointments, being coherent enough to listen to his whimpering and sighs of pain.
This may never end..at least we will always be ‘us’ in one shape or another.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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