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Try less

Try less

“Some days it’s not worth chewing thru the restraints”

My favorite sign read that today. On a day where it does feel pointless to fight the inevitable.
Andy started new pain meds the other day.
I wonder how many other 33 year olds there are out there with cancer .. And out of those which have lost there stomach .. And out of those had lymph nodes infected .. And out of those live in Michigan .. And out of those are married .. And out of those are childless .. And out of those have a wife that loves them.

Infinite what ifs…

Some days, hours, and minutes of the day it’s not worth chewing thru our restraints.

Tomorrow we travel to Ohio. A road trip before chemo next week. My expectations are low as to not expect too much from the trip. Never expect a lot that way you can always be pleasantly surprised..ha.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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