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Looking a wee bit ahead

Looking a wee bit ahead

I don’t think we are alone when instead of having the luxury of time and feeling like we are invisible. Its time to plan for the “now” and the “what if”. So it’s time to learn about writing a living will..power of attorney..and all that good stuff people try not to think of because its the hard truth. The door one never wants to open or discuss because it reminds you of the unknown and the chance that tomorrow may not be there always.
We could decide to hide our heads in the mud and go lalalalala…
We can face the fact that we now LIVE with cancer (his name is bob, sorry all those bob’s out there, I just like that name)…we now LIVE each day as if its our last…and we will learn to love even stronger each day the bond that holds us together. Every day is hard but that’s just life and we have to keep breathing and finding little moments of joy that can multiply.

So tomorrow will come and go and we will face some hard truths and decisions but then the next day it will be ok because andy is alive and beating cancer. He’s not giving up and we will keep drudging along till one day we can’t…but that’s not at least a good bazillion years from now.

Today is Monday…tomorrow isn’t here yet;)

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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