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Lose to Win

Lose to Win

Sometimes you have to lose to win.
How does one define losing?
Loss of a life..loss of health..loss of a dream..and loss of hope. That’s four definitions that come to mind. There could be loss of your mind. Or Loss of materialistic things seems trivial when you lose so much of what is truly important.

Have we won? I hear people say cancer survivor, look they must have won.
No, I am not at that step in our journey yet. Perhaps never.

Have we won? Some events in your life may never happen if you do not feel loss first.
If andy had never gotten cancer, I would never have lost my heart. Never have reached out to friends for help to find my heart. Would never have found that strength you only can learn from going thru such pain. I would never have ran my first 5k if not for Andy’s cancer. I wouldn’t have gained empathy for others suffering from cancer. I may never have understood what it means to come so close to offering My own heart to ease another’s pain.
In the hospital I watched, I had purpose, I saw what cancer was doing to my soul mate.
But now..now I don’t know how to watch and not lose my heart again. I feel anger, so much anger.
We don’t even know what we are waiting for. Answers? Ha! We may not like what we hear in a few weeks, I think either way we won’t find happiness in the test results.
We will lose that’s a sure bet…
But what will we win?
Today I don’t know..I can’t know now because it takes a series of events (sometimes awful ones) to find what we didn’t know was waiting.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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