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You can fix what?

You can fix what?

A turn of events.
I am sitting in a quite uncomfortable chair in a very large waiting room. All I can imagine is the amount of germs swarming around me. At the cancer centers I felt safer… It was a crowd of people I knew were walking a similar journey. But here at a pain clinic I am out of sorts. The people in this waiting room don’t look sick… They hurt I’m sure but who knows for what reason.
It’s amazing how one gets used to a certain level of medical treatment and environment. I don’t like this place.
We came for a consult but it quickly changed to a ‘routine’ procedure as the doctor put it. Nothing has been routine for us, all the doctor visits have not been routine, the last months have been far from routine.
But I hope this will ease Andy’s pain. It’s a simple procedure I guess, a nerve block. Drawn out on the medical paper roll spread across those patient tables in any routine patient room… The doctor scribbled a crude drawing of a rib cage and the nerves that hide under them. Explained a walk the plank analogy of how he finds the nerve, stepping off a rib to find a nerve. Easily done, wham bam thank you sir procedure.

Okey dokey than let’s try it!

Now I wait.. Watching the tv of a documentary on wildlife in the ocean. My stomach is growling, am I allowed to complain? Can I grumble about my sore butt and back? They don’t compare to Andy’s pain so no I can’t. I will be silent and love unconditionally.. If we can just get past this physical pain.. This last step.. Then I think we will be ok.
If cancer comes back oh what pros we will be! What more can be said… One day, one grumble…. At a time 🙂

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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