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Life After cancer Treatment

Life After cancer Treatment

Life After cancer Treatment (click here for interesting article)

This first part sounds so true! and remind me to stop asking Andy why are you so tired…he can’t help it. Cancer sucks and life after Cancer is really really hard.

Some have described survivorship as being “disease-free, but not free of your disease.” What you experience with your body may be related to the type of cancer you had and the treatment you received. It’s important to remember that no two people are alike, so you may experience changes that are very different from someone else’s, even if that person had the same type of cancer and treatment.

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Aum NicolPosted on  1:05 pm - Jun 8, 2013

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Currently going through making sense of the recovery phase of my journey. This article helped.

Aum NicolPosted on  1:06 pm - Jun 8, 2013

Life after cancer is really, really hard. Yes.

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