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pickles and squirrels

pickles and squirrels




Lovely trip to work today with andy. The Campus was bursting with flowers.
We had a cute picnic lunch together near some dorms..almost like being in college together again, minus the cold Lake Superior breeze 🙂
On our walk around campus there was a jimmy johns pickle on the ground near a trash can, we wondered whether squirrels would eat it or not. We giggled over the sight of a squirrel carrying a pickle thru campus.

When we got home we had to rush off to the YMCA for our first day of therapy. We signed andy up for a cancer well fit program where we get a free membership too. Very nice gym and great pool, complete with splash pad.

The only huge downer of the night was when we found out our neighbor kids are now throwing rocks over the fence. Sigh…our cars are probably only safe on the street now. But on the upside this hiccup would have been more bothersome pre-cancer…since now we have bigger issues to stress over. .. It’s all perspective.

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