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Long time I knew for updates.

It’s been a chaotic and miserable last few months. Ups and Downs and now finally an ending that will forever change lives.

My Andy lost his battle with Gastric Cancer. It returned 3 times and claimed his precious life. No words can describe the depth of misery and loss being felt by family and friends at this moment.

The world has lost a precious man.. an amazing husband.. and an amazing soul !!!
God better appreciate the gift of Andy because we miss him



Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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troyPosted on  6:17 pm - Dec 17, 2013

Sorry to hear about this Sarah.

booboochopplesPosted on  3:38 pm - Jan 7, 2014

I’m really sorry for your loss. I’ve just been diagnosed with gastric cancer recently and was looking through blogs. My deepest condolences šŸ™

    SarahAndyLivePosted on  4:57 pm - Jan 7, 2014

    I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis šŸ™ I remember clearly the day Andy was told he had a large mass and then three days later told it was cancer. He screamed and cried. It was awful the days that followed and the treatments. If you need anything or advice or just venting I am here. Cancer sucks!

Yellow Mum BlogPosted on  7:27 am - Jan 17, 2014

Sorry to hear about your Andy. I lost my Mum in November to cancer and it’s the most difficult pain I’ve ever experienced in my life. Please be assured that my thoughts and the thoughts of other are with you.

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