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Suffering timeless

Suffering timeless

When life gives you suffering…stop and think.
When the world crashes down around you…stop and pray.
If none of this soothes than scream into a pillow.
Finally light a fire and watch the flames dance and imagine your loved one by your side. Breathe….

Then cry..

To others with terminal cancer take Andy’s journey as a model of courage and strength. He walked a long road and we both fell into the pit but crawled back out.
With death this is uncharted territory for me and sadly one I can’t lean on andy for.

At the hospital after they made him comfortable when we realized he would die. We cried, screamed, questioned everything.
It was andy that finally came to peace with the terms laid out to him. Prolong life with pain and drugs that would do nothing to stop the growth of the irreversible tumor. Or. Die in peace.

Andy knew he wanted to live, he wanted to run, smile, hug the puppies. But that was taken from him. So instead he came to peace with the fact of death. I’ve never seen him so at peace in those final hours.
I can’t describe how a person dies…I was given the life lesson of watching it on Sunday…experiencing the heart wrenching feeling of final breathes. I pray no one ever has to live thru that …. Forever will it be a part of me … A lesson to value life in all it’s splendor. Our bodies are vessels and fragile .

Work in me god to let his death not be in vain. Let me serve and have empathy to those suffering. My suffering will never end, I know that now, only on earth will I suffer.
Some day I will be free from grief like andy. If not than what a waste of space I will be.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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