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Silence in the end

Silence in the end

My soul cries out. My sorrow closes in around my heart. All I see is darkness even though the snow falls thick outside. Inside the fire burns and thirsts for the oxygen it consumes.
My body breathes out of reflex but not from desire. With Andy I had laughter and tears mingled together. No life is prefect and after a traumatic death I am left to question everything, all the smiles.. Tears… Love… Fights… Breathes.. Fears.. Disappointments.. Hugs… Embraces.

Nobody knows me at all now.. This earth is lonely… Andy and I were together for 14 years…
I left my childhood life behind for college and met Andy, the years where you find yourself and I found him instead. Did I find myself by finding him? What is left now that all that time is gone.

Breathing hurts… I find some comfort in a dreamless sleep when it comes. Often the dreams come and haunt me, mocking me of my past and holding me back from breathing new air.

Time now lingers…. And yet moves quickly by… Three weeks ago Andy breathed his last breathe in my arms… Closed his eyes for the last time.. And felt pain fade away.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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