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What is love when love dies?

What is love when love dies?

 Does love live on even after death? Can a parted soul reach back and touch a life?

Again Andy came to me in my dreams saying he was ALIVE and OK. Again I saw his face before cancer ravished it…his skin was full of color and life. I said, “NO Andy, I cremated you!”…”You are not alive”… “No Sarah I am alive and OK”…
Then I woke up and shook the memory free from my head and realized I was alone. In a flash he was gone again. The night before I was woken by a small faint voice, “Sarah Please Get up”.. followed by a slight touch of the nose. An Eskimo kiss like we always used to do on a cold winter night. Can love transcend death? Can two souls be entwined even when one has passed into heaven while I am left behind on this cold world.

Each day is a test…and a gift.

Today Tmobile confirmed Andy’s cell phone was shut off and his number is now gone. Poof! Gone! A test of my patience for loss. So I countered it finally by sucking in my pride and called a Grief counselor. Here goes nothing, poor my life out again to a stranger to get her perspective on how to cope. I know how to cope but a second opinion couldn’t hurt ha!

Before my husband passed away I was in contact with a Mission group in St. Croix. Exploring the idea of helping out in some way.
After Andy’s death the pieces have come together to take a trip to St. Croix and Walk with the individuals at Lighthouse Mission. This will be my first try at mission work and going on my first vacation without Andy.
A friend suggested some fundraising and so here I go. Putting myself out there.

The plane ticket is already booked and I have a host house to stay at so God worked out the details on that.

While there I also am mainly going to ‘Walk with them’.. find out where God wants me in life and to get some peace and healing in the process. I don’t know what to expect, I am scared and nervous, but it feels right to get away and learn about what this Organization is all about. They are a small group and help Homeless people. Since Andy and I were in Jamaica in June for our Anniversary it seems fitting that I am going to a tropical place to heal.

If anyone has a desire to Donate to help with food and traveling expenses that’s great..
but if not that’s ok too. Just some prayers for a safe trip and that I can come back refreshed and find some peace in Andy’s passing is enough.

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