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What remains

What remains

Only a broken heart remains. Shattered into pieces on the cold snow…ever falling silently to the ground. Casting shadows on what once was a life of two hearts joined together. A sickness burrowed its way uninvited and slowly killed the most precious part. What remains shines dimly compared to what did shine before cancer took hold.
Without you Andy this world is cold and lonely. My other self…the better half of two hearts is now gone forever.

The other day I walked with you thru the woods in the bitter cold. Found our spot by the river and said goodbye to a part of you. The small bit of Your ashes scattered in the cold water…forever a part of the soil and water flowing thru the woods. Miko got close to the rivers edge and the ice cracked a bit, she always was fearless. But now in the dark of night I am scared. The reality of you being gone is like knives on my heart. Can you even hear this rant? Are you ok?
Are you finally rid of cancer? Free of pain?

Everyone says that you would want those left behind that loved you to smile and be happy … Your coworkers miss you and gave me the most amazing gift of kindness … I cried when I read the beautiful card they gave me. I have no idea what I can do to smile again, without you smiling hurts…

What should become of this blog? Even the name “sarah and Andy”…does that die with your loss? Can your story truly end when all I think of is you and our years together… Till death do us part but really you are still alive in my thoughts !

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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