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Andy in the woods

Andy in the woods

When you have no experience of pain it is rather hard to experience joy.
The night before I say goodbye to my puppies… another loss to be felt in my story of pain. I wait on the edge of fear of what’s to come. Another step forward in this endeavor of faith and love for the Spirit that has awakened inside me. Relentlessly pursuing me with a passion I do not question. Today I took the puppies for a hike in the woods. The snow was pure and the air was oddly quiet. As if the woods was waiting for me to come. It has become my place with Andy.

He was waiting for me in the trees, the stream, the breath on my cheek. With each step I took I drew nearer to his love. His voice whispered sweetly in my heart. After I went past the bend in the river, where some of his ashes lay, I opened my mind to the woods and felt a peace enter my heart.

Over and over it repeated, “I am okay… I am well… I am not in pain… cry no more for me Sarah… shed no more tears and grieve no more for I love you. I will always be with you and shall never leave your side”.
The voice was mixed with Gods voice. As if in this blessed spot my two loves were brought together to comfort and walk with me. The tears flowed and I wished to see Andy in the trees so badly. Oddly the puppies walked so calmly next to me… Not once did I have to call them back. It was as if Andy was walking with me and telling the puppies to stay close.

Towards the end I heard a bird whistle our tune. Through this Little bird my love was reaching out to me from heaven. As I whistled back the bird replied so sweetly–until at last the bird was gone. My love had come to say hello and quickly was gone again. For an hour of my day I was with my soulmate again. We were a family again us three.

Refined by fire my heart is seared. The flames engulfed me, the heat burns me, the air is sucked away from my lungs. Nevermore will I love as deeply as I did. That chapter of my life is gone. Although I burn in the pain of yesterday… I look towards tomorrow… for hope sings true in my heart. Each moment of my days brings reminders of hope and pain … Which makes the happy moments all that richer.
Tomorrow or the next A cool wind will return to blow the flames out. Through great pain comes great love!
My God waits for me and he has my Andy close by.





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