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I am in the thick of self doubt.. Doubting my decision to move..to pack up my belongings into boxes again. This time even smaller boxes…

Downsize again from what already is sparse. My head says stay but my heart says go. I have about 5 bins left of my stuff and it still seems like too much but if I ever come back I need warm clothes right? If I ever come back I need my stuff. My brother will read this and think, ‘great, where am I going to store more of my sisters stuff….’.  Garbage can? lol.

I have about 2 weeks left and I need to vacate my apartment by next week. I will be sleeping in my brother’s basement..oh my word I truly will have no place to call my own now. The beginning of a hobbits life for me.. Why? Why Me?

I have one more belonging left that is worth money. Andy’s and mine 27 inch iMac..its soo gorgeous and sleek. I want to drewl all over it when I stare at its glossy, shiny monitor. In fact I am a staring at it right now while typing and its soo beautiful.  Now I could store it and let it collect dust and depreciate or I could sell it and use the cash for a smaller more mobile computer..I know the answer but it doesn’t make it easier. Andy bought this computer over a year ago now and he was so excited to use my bonus check to buy it. He said he was going to make so many videos on it (but never really did)…he did make just one special video on it that I am glad he did, his valentine’s gift to me, his final goodbye but he didn’t know at the time it would be his last homemade video for me. I’ve put a link to it numerous times but it seems fitting to do it again since it was made on this glorious imac 🙂 Valentine Gift.

Don’t be mad Andy if someone buys our iMac.. Don’t put a raincloud over my head..It’s someone else’s turn to enjoy staring at this machine for hours on end. I promise I will instruct them to always wash there hands and absolutely No Food by the Keyboard. It’s awful when you spill Root Beer on a keyboard or even a computer….as you explained time and again to me.



little link to a fundraising page…

..if you can’t tell I’m not very good at fundraising. I’ve been asked though what will I do there. Well i want to build my faith…help others in pain…learn to be loved and to love others. What more could God want from a lost broken heart like myself? God Knows. But I will eat ramon noodles, english muffins, and cereal until I find out what path I am supposed to take over the next few months in this transition period.

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Healing Eyes

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