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Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

Friday was a great day..

I started it off with volunteering at Degage and saying goodbye to friends. There was one guy in particular I wanted to see before leaving and that was my ‘Old Andy’, aka ‘Toast Master Andy’. I met him on my first day volunteering at Degage Ministries downtown Grand Rapids. It was shortly after Andy died and I needed to distract myself and try something new. It was very out of my comfort zone serving food to strangers. Little Sarah yelling out names in a crowd of strangers to bring them their breakfast. If you ever want to improve on your introvert tendencies than I suggest volunteering somewhere and stretching your limits, I promise you won’t regret it (well at least not after a couple tries).

Degage Andy



I met my hair stylist for a final cut and color. I figured my short hair wasn’t quite short enough and why not splurge on some fun color. When I first met Amanda I was quiet and needless to say with my personality I didn’t like talking while having my hair cut. I never liked talking to people, that darn introvert side. In my long line of hair stylist hopping she ended up being a perfect fit because she didn’t make me talk! It was awesome, I could get my hair done and not do the tedious chit chat that most gals like doing while sitting in that stylist chair. So over the years I kept going back and slowly I would talk a bit more and I found that she was even cooler than I imagined. As Andy and I were going thru the adoption process it was great sharing our story and how excited we were to being growing a family that way. Then when cancer hit everything went dark and she was a great friend to share that miserable story with. One day I returned from traveling abroad and I shocked her by wearing a DRESS! I finally was girly:)
The day before the funeral she was so kind and loving as I prepared for one of the worst days of my life…but at least I would look pretty doing it!



Last Goodwill drop

Friday I did a final drop of ‘stuff’ to Goodwill in my Rental Car. I laughed when I said to the volunteer there that after this I was getting rid of my car (well a rental car).
Can you imagine singing and smiling while giving away more of your stuff! Seriously, I liked my stuff and now most of it is gone. The radio was playing my favorite new song as I was unloading, so I embarrassingly turned the volume up…
What Faith Can do‘..how crazy or was it God saying hang in there Sarah because if you keep trusting its gonna get fricken amazing!


Moving out


Now I have no Apartment and No home! My two totes are next to the bed in my brother’s basement and I was numb as I stared at its contents. Thinking, ‘Ok, now what? Is this too much stuff to bring cuz it sure seems like it’.

I have to confess I do have a few other totes buried in my brother’s basement…Sadly some of them are Andy’s things and some are memories that I can’t dispose of quite yet. Perhaps in a year after I grieve a bit longer I can unearth those totes and downsize again.

What’s next? Well, perhaps I just don’t know! Perhaps I shouldn’t know quite yet because otherwise I may not get on that plane. One day at a time…maybe I’ll be a full time writer or maybe I’ll find what I need to and then come back.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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amandaPosted on  12:48 am - Apr 13, 2014

Its been great getting to know you! Thank you for letting me be more than just a stylist …can’t wait to see what God has waiting for you!! <3

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