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It has begun…now what

It has begun…now what

And opened our eyes


follow the signs.


I woke up this morning not wanting to leave. Fighting the decision I made to go 2 months ago.

Over the years I have made friends and connections. One of those friendships became a life line to opening my eyes to more. Opening my eyes to a life I had long thought gone. Today I said goodbye to that friend..what will come of that friendship I won’t know because it is not my time to know. It is just my time to…Go. That friend forced me on this plane, held my hand as I cried, encouraged me to live, to find myself, and to above all follow God. In that airport lobby we prayed..we actually prayed outloud for strength to follow thru with the decision I couldn’t deny anymore. It may be a month, it may be several, but I can’t force God’s timing or know when I am to come back. All I know is that there was and is a path laid out and the signs are driving me mad.

On the plane the movie Walter Mitty was playing and it may be insane or I may be searching for signs but I know that movie was something I was meant to watch.

A daydreamer movie and a movie about dreams given up when younger..given a second chance to that person again.

So what do I do? I pull out my phone to jot down some notes (since that’s what I do now). The first line in my notes App was something I wrote awhile back but have forgotten about. “Here I am  lord send me’.

Seriously! Why was it at this moment ,on a plane I do not want to be on, I was to read that line of text I wrote down weeks or months ago.


I like to think that I am on a path where there is a fork in the road and where those paths diverge I must step out onto one of those. The one I chose isn’t well lit or enticing, it’s quite dark right now and scarey. Perhaps I step out onto this path now to find life…hope? Or maybe its all a bunch of crap.


Live in the moment and love. Love everyone. Compromise nothing and you lose nothing. It’s not what you capture for memories but how you live while creating those memories.


Life!. Our Motto!


If you had to write your resume today what would it read? What if we all took a chance?! What if we all had a part to play but we each feared the outcome of stepping out into the blackness. What if the blackness wasn’t all dark when our eyes finally were opened. Open to the light that we could never see because of the pain. The pain of life. A life that can be more if we don’t fear the darkness but think of it as a time to curl into a ball and cry while being comforted by someone bigger than our small problems that seem so big.


This morning I was miserable and right now I am miserable still but I am seeing a small crack of light (even with the screaming kids on this plane). I am not strong enough or open enough to see what God’s plan is yet. But that crack of light will grow bigger…I just need patience. Grrr patience.



Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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exiledtykePosted on  3:46 am - Apr 16, 2014

I really hope you find your new path.

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