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I unpacked the last of my clothes and bought some hangers to place them on! I also found a Jeep to buy and Monday I’ll be a proud owner of a Jeep wrangler. I asked God before I came, ‘Please find me a a car and if it could be a Jeep that would be much appreciated’. After a few weeks of frustration and agony it seems he has answered my prayer and gave me a cheap Jeep with AC. I had fun working on the price with him last night and it got better today when he knocked another $500 off the car. During the second test drive we went down this extremely steep hill and he shifted it into the low low gear and I screamed a little as the brakes slid but we survived 🙂

It’s another super hot day here and I actually find it possible to sweat without even moving a finger. Missing Michigan weather but perhaps there is a light ahead. Last night I slept in jeans and knee high socks since I didn’t want to take a chance with the centipede again. As far as I can tell he did not visit me and I had no nightmares! yay!

So now I just need to not stress too much about everything and let it BE…give up control…and see what God does for me. Even when I get upset about my circumstances and lack of what I used to have.


” If we slow down and listen, we will hear his voice: “I love you my child. Your value to me is not based on what you DO. Rest in me. Receive my love and grace. Find joy in the simple reality that my love for you will always be enough”.  ~ Seismic Shifts

And all along I knew that… before I came I kept saying, “It’s not about DOING, its about BEING and falling in love with God”. We can be mad at God and fight but in the end he just wants to love us. Why do we fight that one so much?

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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